The Manifest Highlights INSSIO Among Serbia’s Most Reviewed AngularJS Developers

At INSSIO, we do not settle for just okay; instead, we continually strive for client success one software product at a time. We are passionate about working with tech firms, ambitious startups, and SMBs, bringing their ideas to life through technology.

For this reason, we proudly share another achievement for INSSIO. The Manifest has named us one of the best companies in the industry. The Manifest is a helpful guide for buyers looking for the right service providers to partner with.

Are you wondering how we got here? Let’s take a trip where it all began.

Danilo Vulović founded INSSIO to provide innovative software development services. Established in 2013, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to supporting our clients with end-to-end software and technology solutions. Since then, we’ve grown into a full-service company where everyone – our software engineers, designers, and QA specialists – clearly sees their role in helping businesses succeed.

In 2021, we worked on a custom software development project with iCUE Solutions, a forecasting SaaS company. Documentation was sparse, but we picked it up fast. Initially, we had multiple conversations with the client to convey the specific knowledge required because we were dealing with sophisticated math and complicated flows in the code.

“The solution is fully functional and operational, and it’s serving my clients as we speak. INSSIO has established the full continuous delivery and integration process.” – Dirk Liebich, CEO & Founder, iCUE Solutions

In 2022, The Manifest recognizes Serbia’s 15 most reviewed service providers, naming INSSIO a leading software development company. We’re honored to receive this award as it validates our dedication and hard work to ensure client satisfaction. The INSSIO team sends their sincerest love and appreciation to all our clients, especially those who left us reviews. This achievement is for all of you!
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