One company for all your software needs

We encompass the entire development process – from needs analysis, writing the code & designing your application, to testing, launching and providing full training & support, we are there from beginning to end.

Our Process

At INSSIO, we cover the entire circle of the software development process. All you have to do is come to us with your idea while we take care of every step involved in the process.

From the initial phases of gathering information, writing code, and designing the user interface, to the final phases of testing, deploying, supplying manuals, training, and comprehensive support services, we get your idea to market and help you gain the competitive edge you need to compete with the best.

Pricing Structures

Fixed Rates

Perfect for simple & precise projects

When your budget is limited and straightforward

Fixed requirements & objectives

When the most important aspects are details

Can save you time, money & resources

Hourly Rates

Extremely flexible and adaptable cooperation model

When you cannot give an accurate estimate of all details

For dynamic projects with no fixed elements

More freedom to suggest and change