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We are team of highly experienced and motivated software developers and tech experts who cover the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) to deliver top-notch results. Since 2013 we’ve been developing web, desktop and mobile applications using latest technologies, frameworks and methodologies. We deliver our services worldwide. Our business domain knowledge and technology expertise yield high quality solutions that add value to businesses, from startups to enterprises.

We always strive for excellence, whether we’re talking about keeping abreast of the latest technology trends, pushing boundaries in finding the perfect solutions for our projects or just getting things done without stress by being agile, planning and communicating effectively.

One of the things we take most pride in is our outstanding team, definitely our #1 competitive edge! We are aware that without our people no success is possible, and that’s why one of our main goals is to keep the positive team atmosphere and happiness. If you become part of our team get prepared to be asked for your opinion, as well as to have your ideas and feedback appreciated. We believe in work-life balance and flexibility, so you get to choose whether you would like to work from office (and how often) or remotely. Also, no overtime or crazy workloads and demands. To cut it short, we enjoy challenging projects, good teamwork and open communication. Since we’re expanding our business, we’ll be growing our team in the next period. Drop us an email at and we can chat further if you’d like to learn more about us.



If you’ve already checked our current vacancies and couldn’t find the right one for you, don’t worry! Send us your CV and we promise we’ll carefully look at it and we'll keep you in mind for future opportunities that align with your skills and qualifications.